Math Games

Children’s Math Games helps parents who are homeschooling.  It also supports parents whose children need a little help after school. This site will give you great tips to augment any math program you are already using. My goal with this site is that as you read, you will come across some ideas that will help you teach your child math concepts. Maybe you will find a fun game or song or project that will really resonate with your little girl or boy.

Play Math Games

Once you find the right game for your child, you will not have to force them to study math. Instead, they will ask which game they should play today because games are just plain fun! My daughter has become very comfortable with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Also, we are working on time and money. Now, math is not drudgery for her; it’s just a question of which game we will play next.

Sometimes the best games are the games my daughter makes up. She has way more practice making up games, and she’s better at coming up with games that she’s more likely to enjoy. I once Googled a card game that I thought she’d like.  The game taught addition to 10. She completely changed the rules, convinced me that her rules were better, and we had a grand time playing her new game.

Joy of Math

This website is meant to provide parents with a deeper understanding of math concepts as well as the related math games.  This combination will create environment children need to discover the joy of mathematics. Children with a solid math foundation can more easily understand higher order math, logic, science, and music. Teaching a child to skip count with songs will make it easier to teach that child multiplication. A solid understanding of multiplication leads to a firm understanding of division. My daughter still sings the songs for counting by twos even though she has already mastered that skill, just because it’s fun.

In the end, Children’s Math Games is the fun alternative to tedious math drills and boring worksheets.  For example, I could ask my daughter to work through a sheet of multiplication, or I could have her play Math Bingo.  She will get math practice in both instances, but she’ll have a much more positive math experience with the game.