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5 Place Value Games Your Child Will Love

Place value games really helped me to teach my daughter how to apply place value.  I didn’t understand the importance of place value until I tried teaching my daughter 2-digit addition.  She seemed to understand which numbers were in the ones, tens, and hundreds place, but she didn’t seem to know what to do with the information.  When we tried to add 23 plus 4, she tried to add the 2 and the 4.  So, I went back to basics and we played several math games.  Most of which she complained were too easy and she was bored.  I kept trying different games and working on the 2-digit addition until one day it just seemed to click.  Below are the 5 place value games we tried:

Card Game

Place Value War is like many other War card games.  It basically requires two or more players to place cards on the table as quickly as possible.  The player with the highest number wins the round.  These are the steps to play:

  • Shuffle the cards and remove the Jack, Queen, and King cards.  The Ace represents one.
  • Deal out all of the cards to all of the players.
  • Each player places three cards (if you are working on the hundreds) on the table and arranges them to get the largest possible number.  Each player has to announce their number (more practice with place value)
  • The player with the largest number wins the round.

The player with largest number of cards wins the game.

iPad Games

Base Ten Bingo:  This is a fun place value game produced by ABCYa.  My daughter is very familiar with their Math Bingo game, and this game has much of the same structure.   This games allows the player to work on the ones, tens, hundreds, or thousands independently or all at once.   If, for example, a child chooses hundreds, then the game displays blocks from 100 to 900 and lets the child chose the number that corresponds to the blocks.  If the game shows two 100-blocks, then the child needs to choose 200.

Place Value Hockey:  This game is produced by ABCYa, and it has a similar structure to Math Bingo.  The first part of the game shows a number on the screen and asks the player to choose the number that is in the ones, tens, or hundreds place.  After the player has answered 5 questions, they can play a hockey game.  The hockey game allows the player to try to get the hockey puck into the goal.  Of all of the place value games, this is my daughter’s favorite.

Second Grade Learning Games:  This is an iPad App that  contains many games.  The game we play is the place value game.  This game starts off with cars on a race track.  Basically, the player answers a question about place value, and if the answer is correct the car advances in the race.  My daughter did not like this game as much as the games produced by ABCYa, but it’s still another fun learning game.

Dice Game

Teacher Tipster (Place Value Game):  This is a place value game from the Teacher Tipster.  It’s very similar to the card game Place Value War.    Instead, the kids play with dice.  Teacher Tipster uses containers to represent ones, tens, hundreds.    Each child gets three containers (for ones, tens, hundreds) and roles a dice into each container.  Then, each child announces what their number is, and the child with the largest number wins the round.

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