Cool Addition and Subtraction Games within 20

This page contains fun addition and subtraction games within 20.  Generally, your child will practice adding two digit and single digit numbers.  I clearly remember when my daughter reached this point in her addition.  She kept using her fingers.  I never stopped her from using her fingers or whatever manipulative she wanted to use.  However, I knew that if she didn’t start figuring out other ways to count, she would run out of fingers and toes when the numbers got larger.

She played all sorts of addition and subtraction games for several months, until one day I noticed she wasn’t counting any longer.  In some cases she just knew the answer.  In other cases she used rounding.  For example, 12+7=?.  She knew that 12 was close to 10 and she knew 10+7=17.  Then, she just had to add 2+17=19.  This is just one of the many methods used in Singapore Math.  You can have your child use what ever they feel comfortable with.  The main point of the games is to practice and have fun.

Dice War (10-Sided Dice)

This dice game is very similar to the war card game. This is one of the simpler addition and subtraction games. Use 10 sided dice to increase the addition and subtraction problems to 20. There are so many variations of this game, but I have only listed two versions below.

Blackjack Math Games

Blackjack or Dice 21 is one of the more challenging addition and subtraction games. It uses 10 sided dice. This game is payed by 2 or more players. Generally, the goal of the game is to get as close as possible 21 without going over. It is played for 5 rounds.

Math Ninja

This Math Ninja iPad game was a surprise to me because I really did not think my daughter would like it.  Basically, the payer will be a Ninja defending a treasure that is buried in a tree.  It involves quite a bit of reading to figure out what the goal of each round is going to be. Then, there’s more reading to determine if she wants to purchase any additional weapons. Finally, the game starts and she shoots all sorts of mechanical creates. She loves it!

Periodically, the game stops and asks her some math questions. Then, the game resumes. Right now, she’s not the strongest reader, but she’ll struggle though the reading to get to the game. She generally, gets stressed out doing timed math problems, but she’ll struggle through those as well to get back to the game. She really loves to play this game.

We’re at the beginning level and the math problems are single digit addition and subtraction, multiplication up to the 4 times tables.  Even though she can easily do the addition and subtraction, when they are timed the problems are a bit more challenging for her. She seems to really enjoy shooting at the mechanical creatures and she gets great math practice. Overall, this game is just plain fun!

Monster Math

Monster Math is the newest of our iPad addition and subtraction games. The format is a mix of Math Ninja and Math Bingo. The goal is to retrieve Dextra by reading about the goals for each level and then answering math questions to get more weapons or special powers. The very first time my daughter played this game she was hooked.

When I compare this app to Math Ninja, there is a little less reading and it is in the form of a comic book with talking bubbles. Also, the goals for each level are a little simpler or clearer.

When I compare this app with Math Bingo, both apps do a good job of integrating the game with the math. In Monster Math, the player needs to answer questions to get to the next level, however the monster who guards that level also interferes with the Math questions and adds a bit more fun.

I felt the math became advanced a little too quickly, but actually she didn’t mind at all. She just kept working on the math problems until she figured them out. Initially, I was a little concerned that the words were too advanced for her, but that turned out to not to be an issue also. She really loves playing Monster Math.


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