Base 10 Blocks Set

Base 10 Blocks Set Review

These base ten plastic pieces come in various colors: green cube (1 thousands), orange flats (10 hundreds), blue rods (10 tens), and yellow units (100 ones). The set also includes place value mats and an activity guide.

This block set is the perfect supplement for a homeschooling parent using the Singapore Math program. For some reason, my daughter struggles with understanding the ones, tens, and hundreds place. These color coded blocks help her to easily understand which number should be in which place. A side benefit is that kids can play with these blocks when the math lesson is done.

Addition War with Blocks and Cards

These blocks have been extremely helpful when I’ve had to explain place value for large numbers like 642. These blocks helped my daughter to understand that the 4 is in the tens place. I also use these blocks to add number like 36 + 8. I am easily able to explain that the 6 and 8 should be added together.

My daughter also likes Snap Cubes by Learning Resources. These cubes only come as single cubes and aren’t too useful when explaining really large numbers. However since they snap together, they make excellent toys when the math lesson is done.

I use Snap Cubes in addition to the base ten blocks.  As much as I love the base ten blocks, they are packaged incorrectly. There are not enough cubes and rods for many of the math problems I do with my daughter. A second alternative would have been to buy two sets of the base ten blocks.

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