Division Math Games for 2nd Grade

When your second grader stars working on their division skills they may stumble a little.  The division math games we use have manipulatives or we use iPad games.  The best iPad game we use is Math Bingo by ABCYa.  At this stage, your second grader can divide by 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10.  However, Math Bingo also includes division by 6 and 7.  My way of handling this is to show my daughter how to use the multiplication table to figure out division.

Sharing and Grouping

Division is really about sharing and grouping.  So, 12 divide by 4 is 3 means that there are 12 blocks on the floor and they can be divided in to groups containing 4.  The total number of groups is 3.  We spent a lot of time going over sharing and grouping.  And even now, if some amount of time passes between division lessons, then we go back to basics and review.

Multiplication Table

Sometimes, we use the multiplication table to figure out division.  For example, 42 divide by 6 is 7.  I first have her user 42 blocks and break them into groups that contain 6.  She can then tell me that there are 7 groups.  Then, we look at the multiplication table.  When she is figuring out the number of groups she is essentially counting by 6’s.  This means that if she looked down the column for the 6 times table and counted to 42 she would find there are 7 steps.

Treasure Trail Game

The Treasure Trail game is loosely related to Chutes and Ladders. This is one of a few division math games that I made up with my daughter’s help. Essentially, I chose 10 blank cards and write division problems on them. I then lay these cards out in a path that may start in the school room, go into the kitchen, and end in her bedroom. In the meantime, I go over chairs, under tables, back over beds, and end in the closet. Along the way I include little treats like small toys and marshmallows (she loves marshmallows). This is a great way to break up the monotony of homeschooling while still engaging her so that she learns her division.

Beads War

Beads War one of a few division math games that uses manipulatives. In this game I change the flash cards to division cards and each player uses beads to show how to do division. For example, if a flash card shows 25 divide by 5, then the player shows 5 groups of 5 beads.

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