Easy Math Games

Math Tic Tac Toe Game

Fun Math Tic Tak Toe

Practice mental math skills with this simple three in a row game which makes classic tic tac toe much more interesting!    

How to Play Beads War Card Game

Math games for kids

  Beads War is one of many fun kids games on this channel. This game teaches multiplication or division with flash cards and beads. Each player places a flash card on the table and the equivalent beads.

How to Play Balloon Math Dice Game

math dice games

  Balloon Math is one of many fun math games for kids. This dice game be used for addition and subtraction. Tailor the game for your child’s math level. You can change the numbers on the balloons or change the dice.

How to Play Stack Dice

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  Stack Dice is one of many dice games for kids. These addition math games are fun because you get to build things. This is a game of addition dice, and it requires quite a few dice. The recommendation is 7 or 8 dice per player. It looks like fun, but by the time I …

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How to Play Dominoes Addition

kids dominoes

  Dominoes Addition is one of many math is fun domino games for kids. You play addition dominoes the way you would regular dominoes, by matching one end of a domino to another end. However, you can also have your child add the points on the dominoes that they put down.