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Fractions for Kids – 3 Fun Learning Ideas

Fractions for kids in first grade really emphasizes halves and quarters. Singapore Math uses images of oranges and pizza to show the two types of fractions. My daughter already understood the first grade fractions so I did not do very much with this. In fact, she explained with her pizza what a half would be and what a quarter would be.

Video: Fractions for Kids

I found an interesting YouTube video that teaches halves, thirds, and quarters. Even my daughter said she liked the song on the video. This video does a couple of things I really like. First, the song is slow so that if a child is new to fractions they can follow along fairly easily. Second, they use lots of pizza examples for halves, thirds, and quarters. Every child get’s the pizza example!

App: First Grade Learning Games


I also found a really good app called First Grade Learning Games. This app has several modules, and one of the modules is fractions for kids. This game has several random shapes floating around the screen and a question for the player. For example, 2/4 means the player should find a shape with 4 equal parts that has 2 of the parts shaded.

This module has two modes. The first mode has the continuous play in which the shapes show up all the time. I like this mode because there is no pressure and the shapes move very slowly across the screen. This gives a child new to fractions plenty of time to get used to the idea of halves, thirds, and fourths.

The second mode is timed. I think this is suitable for children who are very comfortable with their shapes. It allows them to find the shapes as fast as possible, and it will not move to the next question until the child selects the correct shape.

Manipulatives to Learn Fractions

The best way to learn fractions would be to have your child use their hands to demonstrate fractions. Your child can draw a pizza and show one half or one quarter. Another idea is to have your children make shapes with play-dough and use a plastic knife to divide the shape into equal parts. Once they have divided it up equally they can remove some parts and explain their fractions. Ask them to explain how much they have taken and how much they have left.

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