by Peggy Kay

Games for Math Book Review

Games for Math” by Peggy Kay is a  fantastic book I stumbled across on Amazon.  My daughter and I have been having a lot of fun working our way through the many games in this book.  This book comes in three major sections:

  • One: contains games about counting as well as size and shape;
  • Two: has games for counting, addition/subtraction, size and shape, multiplication/division;
  • Three: has strategy games as well as puzzles.

We have spent most of our time in Part Two and more specifically the addition/subtraction games.

Games for Math: Pros

These games are for first and second graders.  Also, it’s easy to make modifications to make the games a little more challenging if your child already understands a concept.

My daughter and I really enjoy Five Cards Make Ten.  This is a card game that allows each person to make up number sentences that include addition and subtraction.  However, it’s pretty easy for my daughter to add and subtract to 10, so we made some changes.  First, I asked my daughter to add or subtract to 12.  I helped her for the first round and then she was fine on her own.  Second, my daughter decided that we should be able to pull cards from the deck as well as from each other’s hand (like Go Fish).  She became really good at this game very quickly.

The thing I really like about “Games for Math” is that it is well organized.  If you want to work on a specific math skill, it is easy to find the related games.  Also, as your child becomes more proficient, it’s easy to change the game to make it more challenging.

Games for Math: Cons

The only thing I would change about this book is I would add more math concepts and corresponding games. This limited how much I could really use the book.  Also, I don’t know how useful this book will be after third grade or so. The concepts seem to apply to early elementary school.

Overall, we have been really enjoying the math games in “Games for Math”.  My daughter really likes to change the rules for games to make them more fun, and this book very easily lends itself to doing that.

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