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Math Bingo App Review

Math Bingo is an easy way to have your child review math concepts without the pain of using worksheets or doing math drills. Games are a way to engage your child with fun and learning mixed together. The right math game will help your child review math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) while your child is focused on playing the game.

This math app is for the child who always says ‘I hate math’. Math Bingo is perfect if your child is afraid of math but needs to learn basic math concepts.

Math Bingo

Math Bingo played a huge role in enabling my daughter to learn and practice basic math operations. When it’s time to explain a new math concept, I explain it to her either using the Singapore Math workbook or drawing examples or using manipulatives. She’s not always listening to me at this point. However, when I start Math Bingo, she starts paying attention. She asks questions, and when she is comfortable, she plays without any help.

We use Math Bingo, Monster Math, and Math Ninja. All three apps help your child with subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. My daughter actually loves all three apps, however, they work very differently.

Math Bingo integrates the game with the learning.  The player has to answer math questions to win a round of bingo.  After each round, the player has the option to play an additional game or go on the the next math operation.

Monster Math and Math Ninja

Monster Math has an interesting story and an overall goal: rescue Dextra. In each level, the player also has to defeat a monster. The way to defeat the monsters is to answer math questions. Also, while answering the math questions the monsters interfere with the questions and add more fun to the game.

Math Ninja also has an interesting story to follow. The overall goal is to defend the treasure in the tree. In each level, the player has mechanical dogs and cats that try to attack the tree and the math ninja has to defend the tree. However, the playing is periodically interrupted to do math operations.

What My Daughter Thinks

My daughter loves all three apps even though they operate very differently. She really loves the games integrated in Math Bingo. I thought she would find the story too cumbersome in Monster Math and Math Ninja, but she loved the story for both games.  I think Math Bingo is better for first graders who are still learning to read.  However, if your child is already comfortable with reading, all three apps are just fine for first grade.

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