Engaging Math Games for Grade 2

When my daughter started working on math games for grade 2, she really blossomed. I could see how the foundation from first grade really helped her to understand second grade. There are 8 important math topics that must be covered to have a firm understanding of second grade math.  These topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, money, fractions, and time.

Most Important Topics

The most important topics are addition & subtraction as well as multiplication & division.  My daughter quickly grasped the two digit and three digit addition and subtraction and really become comfortable with manipulating numbers to get the answers to math problems.  She learned multiplication with skip counting songs and this worked well with math games for grade 2.  Once she understood multiplication, there was just a small step to figure out division.

Occasionally, she just remembers the answers to the multiplication without singing the song.  Sometimes, I get surprised when she figures out more complicated multiplication like 6×6 by skip counting by 3’s.


For second grade I really struggled to find manipulatives for addition and subtraction with more digits. Flipping cards was becoming cumbersome, however, dominoes were still working. In many cases I switched to an iPad App. I’ve listed them as we have tackled each math concept. However, we still use the cards to review older math concepts like addition within 10.

Time & Money

This is also the grade where she needed to develop a deeper understanding of time and money. Math games for grade 2 is the best way to learn and reinforce time and money concepts. I have a few iPad games I use for this.  However, I discovered a clock manipulative that worked even better for my daughter.

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