Tigger’s Guide

Tigger’s Guide to Math Games for Grade 1

Math games for grade 1 is the introductory page for several concepts and the games that I use to teach my daughter.  I follow the Singapore Math curriculum because I like the way Singapore Math is organized.  It works well for me as a teacher.  However, it’s not easy for my daughter to follow along. She needs to play games!

So what does Tigger have to do with math games for grade 1? He is fun!! His goal in life is to have fun. Also, he bounces here and he bounces there looking for fun and taking friends along the way. As a result, he causes a few oopsies along the way, but he apologizes and keeps going. This very closely describes my daughter, and the approach I had to use toward teaching her math.

Math Games for Grade 1: Topics

Below I have listed the major concepts for the First Grade Singapore Math curriculum, and this is how I teach my daughter.  To begin, I read the lesson over first.  Then, I explain it to her in my own words and use drawings if I need to explain more.  If I think it will help, I will show her the page or pages I’m referring to in the Singapore math book.  Finally, I introduce the game or games that I have in mind for her.

If you are a parent homeschooling your first grader, then you should be able to find a game for each concept taught in Singapore Math.  However, even if your child is in school, they may get stuck on certain concepts, and you can use these game ideas to help your child.

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