Math Review — Some Missteps

Monday was our first day of homeschool and we spend it doing quite a bit of math review. Some things went well and other things didn’t. I made the rookie mistake of presenting her with a worksheet. What was my daughter’s response? Crying… I should have known better. She actually hasn’t cried during a math lesson in months. That’s because I’ve been gamifying her math lessons for several months now. I switched from Singapore Math to Math Mammoth (only because of the price) and I didn’t really prepare as well as I could have.

Continuing our math review, this week I spent some time coming up with a Treasure Trail Game for the Math Mammoth lessons. I wrote out the math problems on a card and arranged them in a circle. The idea is that when she answers 3 or so problems she get’s a treat. This treat could be a small toy or a tiny snack.

I’m also going to do the Buddy System for a large number of her math problems. The Buddy System is she does one problem and I do another problem. This method is great for reviewing math concepts that she’s learned earlier. This usually puts a smile on her face when she sees that I’m working the problems too.

I’ve also found that math review needs to include basic concepts like addition within 10. One of her favorite cards games is Pyramid War. She likes setting the cards up and then playing against me to see how many pairs she can get. This is a fun way to reteach simple addition and it will help our work this week with Math Mammoth.

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