Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues

Why are Monday’s so tough? It was the same for me when I was in school, and now that I’m homeschooling my daughter I’ve rediscovered the same thing. What is a little confusing to me is that she actually likes our math classes and she can mostly tolerate our reading and writing classes. We have new math games for 3rd grade and the reading is more interesting than second grade. So, what’s the problem?

The teaching strategy I use is I discuss what is working and what isn’t working.  When she gets a math problem wrong I ask her to explain how she got her answer.  Sometimes when she gets a problem right, I still ask her how she got her answer because sometimes she guesses the right answer.

So, using this teaching strategy, I asked her why Monday was so difficult for her.  She pointed out that during the weekend she can do exactly what she wants all day long. She can get up in the morning and play with her dolls, watch a couple of episodes of something on Netflix, then either go on a field trip or play with her friends. Everything all day long is fun and mostly in her control.

When Monday comes around, the fun activities are limited to mostly the afternoon after we have finished our homeschool work. The morning is more fun than going to school, but it’s definitely more under my control. I know that she needs to play games to capture her attention and I do incorporate games into the math lessons. However, when we are learning a new math concept we spend more time on discussion and word problems until I feel that she understands. I know she finds that part a bit boring, but I haven’t thought of a fix for that. If I start the game before she understands the math concept, she just becomes frustrated. So, I just try to keep her interested until she understands, and then we end the lesson with one or two math games.

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