How to play Pyramid War

Pyramid War

Pyramid War is one of the many math facts games on this site. This game is a fun alternative to Addition War. I got the idea from “Games for Math”. Use the cards to create the pyramid of 6 rows. Make sure each row overlaps the previous row. Only the exposed cards can be removed. Either one card that has a value of ten or two cards the sum up to ten can be removed. The goal is to remove all of the cards. Note: please remove the Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Ace = 1.

  • Shuffle the deck of cards.
  • Arrange cards in a pyramid of six rows.
  • Look at the exposed cards and remove any that have the value of ten or any two that sum up to ten.
  • If the player cannot remove any exposed cards, then start flipping over the remaining cards in the deck.
  • As the player flips over each card, remove any cards that can be summed with any exposed cards to make ten or that has a value of ten.
  • Any cards that cannot be removed, must be placed in the discard pile. You can keep the discard pile face up and only use the card at the top, or you can turn over the discard pile and reuse the discarded cards.

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